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Your ebook cover can work for you – but a bad cover will work against you. With so much competition on Kindle and Amazon the best ebook covers win. Although they say you can’t judge a book by its cover, that’s exactly what most people do. Research suggests that most people buy books because of the subject, the title and the cover! Invest in the best ebook cover to optimise your ebook presence on Kindle, Amazon and other ebook publishing platforms. You’ve worked so hard to write your book and then people buy it because of the title and the cover, and often that’s the thing authors are least interested in. However, it’s worth getting them right. If you understand the online ethos, then your title and ebook cover will be working for you. You need to know how to attract  your audience in order to optimise sales.

Research shows that most people buy books because of the title and the cover! As David Quantick, author of How to write everything put it “make sure it has a decent cover design, to ensure it stands out from all the other rectangles out there.”

Jan Cisek’s ebook-cover design services include:
• branding and positioning of the ebook for your target audience on Amazon and Google
• title and subtitle optimisation for best visibility on Kindle Amazon and Google
• 3 different original initial ebook cover ideas, unlimited revisions of the cover you decide on
• 2-4 weeks delivery
• all at preferential terms you can afford!

To get started, all you need to do is fill in a simple, one-page branding questionnaire to enable me to determine your ebook brand and positioning.

Jan Cisek is a freelance ebook-cover designer working globally from London.

Call on +44 7956 288574 or email to find out how your ebook can benefit from ebook cover design and optimisation.

See examples of recent ebook cover designs – and check out the top ebook cover design tips below

Ebook Cover - The State of Grace Paperback

Ebook Cover – The State of Grace Paperback


“Jan was able to take my author words and translate them beautifully into an incredible illustrative cover. For weeks after finishing my latest book, I struggled with my cover design and met a couple of designers, none of whom were able to get images that worked. Jan and his team created a single piece of original artwork for the front cover that has proved to be a fabulous image of a mother and her children and her plea for balance that has really resonated with my readers. In addition, he designed a back cover that incorporates the central themes of justice and law which are critical components of Grace’s narrative. Jan designs incredible covers that will convey to any audience the writer’s message. Here’s to Grace and every mother’s journey on the red carpet!” Dr. Paula G. McGrath, Author of The State of Grace, London


Canapés by Chantal Shalhoub eBook Cover

Canapés by Chantal Shalhoub – eBook Cover


‘Thank you so much for creating such a fabulous ebook cover. You understood brilliantly what I wanted and with your creativity and insight, I have a vibrant ebook cover. I love it! I would recommend you to anyone that may need a Kindle ebook cover creator. You are top notch!” Chantal Shalhoub, Author of Canapés, London

Spilling Blood Cover by Leah Penn

Spilling Blood by Leah Penn

“I have to say the advice on the ebook cover design was invaluable, the support immeasurable plus the guiding through Kindle ebook publishing process and marketing direction proved to be incalculable. There’s nothing more to say.”


Ebook Cover - The Speed Reading Bible

Ebook Cover – The Speed Reading Bible


“Jan’s brilliant at getting maximum online impact.”  Susan Norman (author), London

Ebook-Cover - Get Marathon Fit by Tom O’Connor

Get Marathon Fit by Tom O’Connor

“Jan’s expert advice in eliciting the key brand values and Kindle ebook positioning was invaluable in clarifying the cover and the impact it has.” Tom O’Connor, Author, London

Book Cover - Ahoy! Sing for the Mary Rose

Book Cover – Ahoy! Sing for the Mary Rose

Jan’s design for our “AhoyMaryRose.com” was simply stunning – clear, modern, informative and stylish.  One of the fastest and most intelligent designers we’ve ever worked with, Jan follows the brief perfectly yet always comes up with something surprising, effective and different.  Highly recommended!” Alexander L’Estrange, Choral Composer 

Top tips for ebook cover design

1) Legibility – the cover needs to be 100% legible and clear (it’s tiny onscreen).
2) Simple images with key elements representing the book and its message.
3) Great title and, even more importantly, clever and strategic subtitle (read next tip).
4) Subtitle needs to be optimised for visibility on Kindle, Amazon and Google. No point in publishing your ebook if it is not visible online – you must appear on the first page.
5) Large title and original font that reflect the message of your ebook.
6) The ebook cover needs to scale down well – people will make their decision to buy based on  a very small thumbnail image on Kindle, Amazon. It needs to be 100% legible.
7) The ebook cover needs to stand out from the competition.
• Use bold colours to catch attention.
• Use reverse text to make the title stand out.
• Design simple metaphors to capture people’s imagination.

Ebook-cover designer featured in ES Magazine

Ebook-cover designer featured in ES Magazine

Ebook-cover designer featured in ES Magazine

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