Online branding

Online branding

Online branding will ensure your success online and off-line

improves your online presence and increases traffic. Is your website fully functional and user-friendly whilst effectively promoting your brand values?

How online marketing works?
Online marketing work to create an ultimate online experience for visitors in order to encourage them to buy the services and products. A big part of our strategic online marketing is web usability which function is to make the experience as easy as possible for most visitors. From extensive web usability research (with eye tracking devices) we know that different elements of the site such as images, layout, logo, fonts, navigation menu, videos, colours, shapes and the style of the site play a critical role in converting traffic to loyal clients. This is an essential part of conversion optimization.

SEO (search engine optimization) works to increase the online presence and traffic to your site. Strategic online marketing works to convert this traffic to loyal clients and keep them. Read more about SEO – Search engine optimisation

Strategic online marketing will keep your brand relevant and differentiated for you audience. We will embody the brand itself in all words, images and action on your site. We will elicit the underlying sources of your brand value and manage them like any tangible assets. All this will contribute to your brand equity and success of your business.

Consider marketing your business locally
Promoting your business locally can be done on a small budget. Print advertising including newspapers, magazines, phone books and journals as well as TV and radio advertising can reach a wider but undifferentiated audience and is expensive. The internet is a more flexible and strategic marketing tool than print or broadcast media, as you can create specific ads for your target audience. There are many creative and tailor-made ways to make your products and services visible online and they are often much more affordable than creating offline advertising.

Internet marketing is your biggest opportunity to market your business locally. Besides the cost, the most important reason why businesses should consider using the internet as a marketing tool is because it is here to stay and is growing at an incresing rate. In the next few years, millions more will get connected online – it will become an even bigger force and many more people will be looking and finding what they need online – especially locally. Local (vertical) search is a trend that can’t ignore.

One of our clients (an osteopath working in London, Ealing) increased the umber of inquiries from new patients from 30% (before starting an online marketing campaign) to 95% within four month! Here’s her testimonial: “Jan’s magic of branding and SEO techniques helped my website to be indexed by Google within a week – on the first page – on the second place in my chosen category! and at a fraction of the price other SEO companies were quoting me. I highly recommend him.” Sholeh Fadami DO, Osteopath Ealing London W5

Local online branding gives you a wider and more specific reach. With the web anyone can reach anybody from anywhere. With local search you can save lots of money by attracting only the clients you need. And a small home-based company can reach a potential business partner, a client, a supplier who lives half-way around the world. There are no technologies available yet that has the same reach as the local (vertical) search. Aside from the distance, the online marketing also allows entrepreneurs to reach more people for less money.

Local online marketing is a strategic marketing technique and we use the leading edge analytical tools to reseach you local market. But it is not an automated machine which does the work but real humans who go through and research your website and business online and come up with the best solutions which will really work you.