Website Usability

Website usability - the ultimate test for the function of your website

Website usability – the ultimate test for the function of your website

WEBSITE USABILITY Human web behaviour is consistent and highly predictable. Web usability and conversion optimisation can help to double your sale and revenue. When a visitor thinks that your site is easy to navigate they stay longer. Easy to navigate sites wins over smart, good, or even better ranking sites (yes, SEO – search engine optimisation is not everything – think about it: you can be number one for your category online but if your conversion rate is low due to poor usability, your site’s overall performance will be lower than you competition’s site which has better conversion because it has better usability). Your site doesn’t have to be the best – but must be the easiest to navigate. For 83% of web users the top reason is “easy to place an order” and pleasant and efficient way to buy (Nielsen, 1999).

Research have shown that improving the web usablility increases the number of buyers by 40% and order sizes by 10%.

Key questions about the usability of your website
Is your site easy to navigate?
Is the navigation bar intuitive and logical?
Is the layout friendly to the eye?
Typography legible?
Organised content?
Color scheme optimised for the brand?
Is it a good, easy and useful site?

Being able to find your way around the site adds functionality and makes the site feeling safe and trustworthy.

Your site is being compared to every other site/competition on the internet. Milliseconds matter – make sure you pay off your customer’s action as rapidly as possible.

Is your site mobile ready? 
As people are getting more mobile and nomadic easy access to useful websites will allow them to feel comfortable and homely wherever they are. Most websites expect that half of their traffic will be coming from mobile devices within the next five years.

We offer expert advice on all aspects of web usability such as: design pages with visual roadmaps, points of high contrast, font size, faces (pictures of faces to offer comfort in the virtual world), links, white space, pictures, captions (under pictures), motion, Money Back Guarantee, Life Support, button gravity (actionable), legibility/fuctionality, readibility/pleasure and more. Our web analytics tool can help to clarify consumers’ goals, needs and expectations throught the whole online purchasing process, as well as identify design defects and functional issues with the site’s architecture or silo.

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• Brand alignment
• Web typography optimisation
• Conversion optimisation
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