“In the beginning was the Word…”

Naming process is the key to your future

Naming process is the key to your future

The importance of naming your company well.
Many native cultures believe that we co-create by naming things. Aborigines believe that you create as you name things. Modern science (quantum physics) is now saying the same thing.

Our expertise is in designing new company names, brand names, product names  that will work for you and help your business grow and reach local and global audiences.

Designing a new company name (domain name / url) is an art and science.
Future growth and the direction of the company, big or small, must be taken into account when designing a new brand name. It must encompass all aspects of the business. A fresh strong name opens out the business and puts it on a good growth footing. Is your brand name strong or weak? (Brand Name CHECK LIST) A name change can have an extremely positive effect on a company as it forces the management to reassess and rejuvenate its values and business objectives. There is a lot of power in a company name so it is important to get it right the first time. Read more on Strategic Naming Process